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October 2006

Hannah's Shame, a true life story - Author Derek Leinster

Hannah’s Shame is the story of one boy’s Irish childhood spent in poverty because of the neglect of the Church of Ireland, of his lifelong search for who he is and of his fight for justice. Abandoned by his birth replica watches sale in a Children’s Home where illness, hunger and neglect were common-place, fostered by an inordinately poor family and then living in poverty but ignored by the well-to-do community in which he was brought up, Derek Leinster tells his story with a warmth and humour that touches the heart.

Derek is a survivor in the true hublot replica uk of the word, and tells his story in a way that has the power to reach out at anyone who has felt alone and struggles with adversity. This book tells of troubles confronted and triumphed over. It is a personal victory for Derek, and an inspiration to everyone who reads his story.

There is a tremendous on teenagers today, at school, socially and personally. Many people from all walks of life struggle to cope. There is an ever-growing need for inspiration and encouragement for our next generation to the problems they are facing. One way this can be done is through the compelling and inspiring stories of difficulties overcome by others.

Highly recommended and well deserving of five stars *****

Fay Maxted
October 2006
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