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Harvey Heavener

Dear Derek,

You probably do not remember me, my name is Harvey Heavener, I am a second of William's. I have lived all my life in Redcross, Co. Wicklow. You and I did not meet very often, but I can remember meeting you when I went with my parents to Dunganstown Church. We may also have met at one or two of the occasional parish activities of those days i.e. fetes, school parties etc. I am now 63 years old, a recently farmer, married to a retired teacher, and we have one daughter.

I find your book to be a very sobering read. While I was vaguely aware that you did not live in good circumstances, I had no idea that life could have been so hard. To be absolutely honest I have watched out (in your book) for any items which may have been exaggerated or are incorrect, but have found none whatsoever. I can a lot of what you say and can even put the correct surnames on most, if not all, of the characters mentioned. I can recall you ambition to be a boxer, in fact it made me rather afraid of you, because being younder and smaller I was that you might want to practice on me. I can remember Willima Heavener, Roy Darcy and N Tedious (the refugee) whom you probably went to school with. I believe your teachers name was Miss Mollie Davis, who lived in Ballinameesda. I can recall your foster father Artie acting as sexton at Dunganstown Church and ringing the bell each Sunday. I remember Rev. Tamplin (Foster), Rev. Dungan (Burke) and Rev. Baird. I can Dick Reynalds (Darcy) and vaguely remember Daisy and May. I remember hearing of Daisy's adventure in the back of the Priest's car.

I applaud your endevours to tell the world how such misfortune fell on you. It really is a horrendous story, even though I had no hand act or part in it, I still feel guilty to have been a member of the society which permitted it to happen.

If you feel it appropriate I would like to hear how you have fared in more recent times.

I wish both you and your family, every happiness and success in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Harvey Heavener
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