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Coventry Evening Telegraph
Saturday 16th December 2006

Hannah's Shame, a true life story by Derek Leinster

This is a moving book about growing up in Ireland the hard way, but far from being a hublot replica uk and gloom book, this is one that will keep you entertained.

Derek Leinster tells his of one boy's Irish childhood spent in poverty - abandoned by his mother to a children's home and fostered into a poor family.

Derek, now living in Rugby, conjures up great images of an Ireland from years ago, and takes you back to a different time and place. The harshness and bad times are there, but so are the fun of and the adventured of a young boy.

Days of collecting firewood, raising goats and like chucking cowpats at farm workers on tractors brings his story to life.

Then when he gets older we of his boxing bouts, including the time he knocked a boxer's teeth out - all of them, with one punch!

For anyone with links to Ireland, this is a fascinating step back, and for others it's a glimpse into a hard, very different, but sometimes fantastic world.

Derek's story is well told and one to savour.

Review: 4 out of 5
John West
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