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Derek Leinster is a survivor.

To date Dereks two books have helped uncover 219 unmarked Childrens Graves in Mount Jerome Cemetry, Dublin. Following on from this, Derek is leading a campaign to build a memorial for these Children. You can read more about this campaign and how you can help here.

Hannah's Shame is the inspirational story of one boy's Irish childhood spent in poverty because of the neglect of the Church of Ireland, of his lifelong search for who he is and of his fight for justice

Abandoned by his birth mother in a Children's Home where illness, hunger and neglect were common-place, fostered by an inordinately poor family and then living in poverty but ignored by the well-to-do community in which he was brought up, this is a story that will touch your heart. It is a story of shame.

'Derek Leinster pulled no punches in the boxing ring, and he pulls no punches in the story of his life.'
Nick Pullen, The Birmingham Evening Mail & Sports Argus

Available from AMAZON, WATERSTONES, EASONS and all good book stores.

Destiny Unknown contains 208 pages and some great photos,  and has been requested by readers of Hannah’s Shame [my 1st book].

 We are now having amazing reviews and the book is yet again being published personally by the author.

It  will be available for purchase at Waterstone’s, W.H.Smith, Amazon, Hunts bookshop, Rugby, and all good bookshops from 4th December, 2008 priced at £9.99p.

If you would like more information my website is as follows:

Destinys Unknown - A true life story - back cover
Destiny Unknown Front Cover
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